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Ice Center Skating School


The Ice Center of Cupertino is not only following the guidelines from the State of California and the County of Santa Clara, but we have added as many safety precautions as we can. As you may have read on our front page, we have installed air scrubber systems in the rink. They are called a Global Plasma GPS Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization system and V- MAX High Intensity UV Air Disinfection system.

We want you to have a fun experience in your class, so we want to give you some details on what to expect when you arrive for your class.

  • All skaters must pre-register and pre-pay for classes. We cannot accept any walk up skaters at this time.
  • Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to class, and check in with the Ice Center staff located outside the main doors. Your registration will be verified and you will be asked to answer a series of mandatory health questions.
  • Please read, understand and follow all of the rink rules posted on the Ice Center web site or click here.
  • Please read, understand and follow all of the rules we have posted regarding face coverings, which can be found here.
  • We have also put together a 1 page outline of what to expect on your first visit, which can be found here.

The Ice Center of Cupertino Skating School will be operated a bit differently than in pre-Covid times. We want to highlight all the changes below:

  • Classes will meet twice per week, on Thursday’s and Saturday’s. There are six weeks of classes, 12 sessions in all.  There is a very limited number of skaters allowed in each class.
  • Each skater must remain in their assigned class for the duration of the 6 weeks.
  • Prior to these Covid-mandated rules, the Ice Center Skating School included benefits that we can no longer offer, such as free public skating at all public skating sessions, free public skating passes so you could bring a guest, and free make-up classes. We currently cannot operate public skating sessions, and because skaters must remain in their assigned class, we cannot offer make-up classes. However, we want you to know that should the restrictions change and we can offer public sessions again, everyone in our Skating School will automatically get full access to free public skating and guest passes, subject to occupancy limitations that may be imposed.

We want you to enjoy your time on the ice and get a little exercise outside of the house, all the while staying as safe as possible.

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