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Ice Hockey Programs for Ice Centers Cupertino

Ice hockey is a fun and exciting sport that can be played for a lifetime. The Ice Center of Cupertino offers both youth and adults the opportunity to learn how to play this great sport, as well as teams and leagues to join at any age and skill level. Our step-by-step instruction in pleasant, supervised surroundings makes learning safe and easy. New skaters are always welcome at any time.

Youth Hockey:
The Ice Center of Cupertino has youth beginner classes called Little Hockey Basic Training (LHBT) where boys and girls can learn the basics of skating, stickhandling and shooting. We are also strong supporters of the NHL Little Sharks program, where twice per year we work in conjunction with the NHL to bring even more girls and boys into the rink to learn how to play and enjoy the sport of ice hockey. LHBT classes are offered Sunday mornings. Please use the link below to check on the class schedule and to register for class.

After LHBT, students graduate to the Cougar Rookie League. The Cougars are our rink travel team, who play throughout Northern California against other clubs. The Cougar Rookie League, though, is played all within the Ice Center of Cupertino. This includes one practice and one game per week. We also offer a Combo Package, where Rookie League participants can get even more ice time by including the LHBT program (mentioned above), at a significant discount.

Being part of the LHBT or Rookie League also entitles the participants FREE ADMISSION to all public skating sessions (when public sessions are reinstated) , so they can practice what they learned in class. No other rink offers this type of value.

LHBT/Rookie League Benefits:
  • Free admission to all public sessions (when public sessions are reinstated).
  • Free skate rental
  • 3 FREE guest admission passes to public sessions (does not include skate rental)
  • Significant discounts for additional sessions each week
  • NHL Little Shark program location; this program includes an equipment package
Click HERE for the details on LHBT and Rookie League schedule, registration and payments for all the Youth Hockey programs at the Ice Center of Cupertino.

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